About Us

BAX-LOK MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY one of the most comprehensive design specialists and manufacturers of “BAX-LOK” Forged Pipe Fittings, Instrumentation Valves, Pipe Fittings, Check Valves, Manifold Valves,

Backed by years of experience, we have the distinction and in-depth knowledge of the raw material, as well as the manufacturing process that goes into the finished high-quality, valves, pipe fitting, tube fittings .

All BAX-LOK products conform to highest quality standard and requirements of our valued customers throughout the world. As the world is reaching out for more and more innovative, dynamic and complex fluid and gaseous flow control systems

“BAX-LOK” with its extensive infrastructure and the latest in-house automation, coupled with top class expertise, has a leading edge in technology to satisfy our customer’s needs in various fields including oil and gas, refinery, power generation, chemical and fertilizer, automobile, steel plants, defence and other industries.